This incredibly handsome boy was part of a TNR (trap, neuter, release) effort. I trapped him 11/24/12, and Bubba was neutered and given his rabies vaccine on 11/26/12. Bubba returned to living outdoors, frequenting one of my feral feeders all winter long.

Come spring, I wanted to try to trap a pregnant female. Bubba, however, felt the food in the traps were for him. And he didn't mind being trapped. After letting him out of a trap after a tasty meal, I called Bubba over to my nearby vehicle. Opening up the back door, I simply tapped on the backseat and called Bubba's name. Bubba hopped right up into the car. That was that. I closed the door and brought the boy home with me. Bubba has not been out on the streets since that day back in April.

Bubba tested negative for FIV and FeLV. He is up-to-date on his vaccinations. This talkative, gregarious feline is looking for a warm, safe, loving forever home. Bubba would do well as an only cat, or, with a proper introduction, could be integrated into a home with an existing cat. While he has hissed and bapped with his claws retracted, Bubba has not demonstrated any significant aggression toward other cats in his foster home. Bubba has a remarkable way of generally ignoring the "show" of other felines. Still, it would likely take someone familiar with feline behavior to integrate him into a multi-feline home.