There is a very interesting, if someone salaciously titled, article on photographers' rights at written by security expert Bruce Schneier. It has lots of great links, is not specific to the US (though I think he only gives links related to US, Great Britain, and Australia) and I thought some of you might like reading it too.
Main points:

  • Since 9/11 the harrassment of photographers has increased at public places, such as
    train stations, etc. He says that, in fact, *none* of the terrorists captured so far actually took photographs as part of their planning. (I didn't know this.)
  • He gives a link to the NY Times which quotes the following statistic: according to the market research firm InfoTrends, US's amateur photographers produced 28 billion digital pictures last year, 6 billion more than they shot on film,  That does not count pictures deleted before being printed or transferred for storage.
  • Lots of links on the "Photographers' rights" and anti-photography "incidents".

I've never run into any problems but thought I'd post this, hoping it might help some of you other ipernity members.