The long and the short of this could be summarized by my decade long conversation with Lee Kaloidis.

It is a conversation without words, mostly.
Maybe it is not even a conversation, but I think we keep saying the same thing using other language and it is a pleasure to be influenced by his work.

I have deduced that the esthetic we both adhere to is one in which creating an event of beauty requires some sacrifice, guts, harmony, legs, expression; and the whole surface needs to be involved in the sense that negative spaces and form-color progressions have to resolve and resonate with a dignified drama, inviting discovery and questions.

Getting to the point of squashing the bug, or producing amazing gutsy drama on a flat surface is a kind of awakening - So, If I get to the institute stage, I can assure you I will invite Lee to share as well, I would hate to be the only fool with an idea.

Waese - Feb 9 2014