I've run into this problem now for the second time. The first was a few weeks ago when there was a mass exodus from Flickr. I wrote it off to the ipernity servers getting hammered. It went away after a few days. Now it's back.

Whenever I upload a photo to my site here on ipernity, said photo does not show up on my photos page with my other photos, but gets put into the Docs Folder instead. It doesn't matter if I use the stand alone uploader or use the "Upload photos" link at the top of the page.

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit, using Chrome, but have also tried using Internet Explorer 9 with the same result.

Since I'm still evaluating ipernity, I can't even open the file from inside the Docs Folder, because I've yet to pay for their service.

Also, my allotted monthly usage goes down everytime I have a failed upload attempt.

I've submitted a help request to the Powers That Be, and will post their responses here.