well, transfering the photos was much faster than i had expected. what's the secret behind that? don't know, but it only took less than four hours for round about 1.800 photos. but then i had to deal with those and i created more than 50 new albums (close and similiar as they were at the other site - for my orientation). that consumed 12 hours and isn't finished at all. my photos in the stream are incredible mixed up now, because the import-tool didn't care of the order (the tool seems to be anarchistic) and "forget" 70 or more photos. but: i'm NOT complaining - i'm really HAPPY, because the most important albums/sets are here. and i'm glad, that i could see parts of the old stuff again.

it was amazing to see, that there're lots of comments on the transfered photos - i really appreciate that. i'm sorry, that i couldn't replay .... yesterday i was busy with sorting and missed a whole day of work. so i've had to catch up - none the less: THANKS.

today (friday) i discovered my tags in the ipernity explorer and - as the other screenshot shows - being in the today's focus ... oh,oh ;)