Basically my big project is to make it into a smaller project. Because I am the project and I am too big :-)

Yesterday I was at the hospital to have some x-rays and tests on my back (I broke my back some months ago and had surgery) see here for more info
They said it looked "fine" and I could begin to do some more "serious" training. Until now I´ve been training 3 times a week with my physiotherapist at home. But now I can begin cycling and swimming again.

I have waited for this for a long time and since my surgery I haven´t been moving around a lot. Due to lack of exercise and eating way to much "feeling sorry for myself"-candy and sweets, I have managed to gain 8 kg (thats 16 pounds?).

Therefor I´m now starting my lifestyle change today, eating healthier and exercising. You can be a part of it by cheering for me here on Flickr since this is the first shot of the Voetmann-loosing-weight-series ;-)

Every wednesday morning I will weigh myself and issue it here.



This wednesday mornings weight: 123.5 kg (new record)

Some years ago I had a slipped disc (Spinal disc herniation) and a lot of trouble afterwards, but I managed to drop 21 kg a in spite of that. Now I have gained them again and some more...
This time my first goal is to loose 12 kg before christmas.

Be a sport and cheer for me here, it would really help me :-)