We are so many "personas" layer into one. We have ways to express those different personas in so many ways. As soon as we accept what make us different we will be ok. I am very sure i am not the same person I used to be. Who I am now still is evolving, and the wonder of who I will be, for me is exciting. We have the power to choose whoever we want to be. We have the power to do and create the music ...the words....the Art ..... that represents us. We had the power, we will always have the power. Is our choice.
So many times I feel torn. I know myself, but I am her. ... the happy and light and normal,inspired and extremely passionate, which sometimes work against me. But i can be dark ....or whimsical. Everyone has more than one side, the difference is that Artist let others see those sides in their work. Sometimes i create photographs that are dark, and yet I am happy and viceversa I love to find beauty in darkness, and i love the beauty in light. If we stay true to our core, we become comfortable in our many personas. Like chameleons. I know i am a shape-shifters and a skin-shedders. We grow into the world and we accept ourselves, we become who we are.
We can not let others tell us that there is this person we are supposed to be,is narrow-minded to constantly try to fit into this one version of ourselves . We can change into new everyday. Each day is a new opportunity to recognize who we want to be and grow. Thinking of all these things meantime work on my images, for me, is like the future and the past and the present colliding. I like to make some images about beauty , carefree moments of freedom. As i see the ever-changing clouds moving past us. As much as i enjoy it in the dark of the night, to make a silence dark image of times past by. . One cannot easily exist without the other and have a meaningful life, and it is what give us ever changing inspiration to create.