RINGS of iron gray smoke; a woman’s steel face … looking … looking. Funnels of an ocean liner negotiating a fog night; pouring a taffy mass down the wind; layers of soot on the top deck; a taffrail … and a woman’s steel face … looking … looking. Cliffs challenge humped; sudden arcs form on a gull’s wing in the storm’s vortex; miles of white horses plow through a stony beach; stars, clear sky, and everywhere free climbers calling; and a woman’s steel face … looking … looking …
by Carl Sandburg

"I went down the beach when i got out for lunch....the whole area is under a a eternal fog for the day now...i went to the shore with my head full of thoughts and the camera on .....the little droplets of water in the fog make my hair wet, and my face dew...it was timeless, ethereal and beautiful....supposedly 68 degrees, i went on sandals and got barefoot in the sand and was warm enough, i had a hoodie on though, when i went trough the fog, was chilly, breezy ...was so strange, the way that the fog just slide trough the streets, so low to the ground you could see the traveling path with the wind....i took many images, only some will make it here...but was a beautiful, kind of bittersweet experience....like tears in the air...and fog made of memories of long ago..."