just wanted to say..so many things

But each time i try , my throat closed up and I was left looking down, without been able to speak.

and each time, my fingers float over the keyboard, trying desperately to put out my true thoughts, but i found the backspace button again .

I changed my mind, shaking my head and leaving the words unspoken in the air with a shake of the head, and a small, trembling smile.

all these words are locked in a box in my mind, with padlocks and barriers all around.

But as all things do, they grow stale when confined. Those words, fester and become curdled with bitterness. Coated with regret, coupled with anger, drowning in desperation.

It turns out that I too am also wearing a mask, to hide my true emotions, control my tongue, and package me as society's 'accepted' material. The mask suffocates my mind. It entangles me between vines of isolation; leaving me trapped.

The branches, akin to life's many rigid rules and unspoken codes, prevent me from escaping. And whenever I try to push my way out and run, they rip me apart, slicing my chin. The only option now is to look at the world from a glass window, if I wish to retain the thoughts I have, without being influenced by the outside. Yet it seems so enclosed if I do so..