Abstract Moodboard

In my opinion the truth is the combined perception of all. The journey the truth takes, the obstacles it encounters before it is even perceived; the prejudice. My vision on the world is that there is not a black nor a white. The world is set how we see it. It's like the recent scientific research at Colorado, US. They found out birds see magnetic fields. We as human beings don't. We see the world our way we think it is like it is. I think the world looks different and has to be discovered yet.


In my concrete moodboard you will find the various elements which I have combined to a flashy image. These elements together form the basis of my life, my instincts, my guidance. My personality, like the personalDNA shows, needs external incentives. Therefore there are many persons portraied, because they give me the spirit to keep going. I need those live examples badly to improve myself as a human being.

The yellow background symbolises the light, the positive attitude I want to express in daily life. It refers to spring, the season I was born in. The shattering relates to the vision on the world as described above. The centre candlelights represent my home town during a romantic event. It happens in the inner city, nearly in my back garden. This feels like home. A safe place to return, the center of my life. The use of mainly rectangular shapes is a wink to Mondriaan, which I hope to become his next version, Mondriaan 2.0