We are all supposed to be learning from the pros via magazines, web sites, presentations, lectures. I find too much about cameras not enough about everything else in most magazines even if its about a photographer who is technically brilliant I don't always find it easy to learn anything from them.

I spent several years buying Outdoor Photograhy magazine (the only one that I ever subscribed to) but in the end I just looked at the pictures and hardly ever read anything eventually many of the photos began to look the same. It was like lots of the photographers were all trying to attain a certain standard and at the same time the styles merged.

I'm not sure I want to learn anything new at the moment - I think I just need to apply the knowledge I have.

I don't really want to see lots of someone else's photos unless they are of a subject that really interests me, that means wildlife and 'green and pleasant' landscapes.

Lectures - sorry but I don't want to sit through lectures on photography.

Self-taught - we all are !

Learning from friends or even just On-line contacts - yes this works in a gentle drip drip way. Little by little is best.

I'm suffering from photo fatigue. I have seen too many photos - many are begin to look the same.

Flickr is now a turn off, it just doesn't work at times e.g. Slideshows that never start and it does look very strange by default.

500px can look very strange at times all the colours seem the same regardless of subject (why?).

Facebook (no comment!).

Most photos really do look better on ipernity - but small on iPad.

Let's face it the most interesting photos are the one's you take yourself.