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  • unfinished business

    - 4 months ago - 3 comments
    A few years ago I started to build a website with Adobe Portfolio at I never viewed this first attempt again until today, 2 years later. Looking back and I rarely seem to look back, it included some of my better photos. It proves it is worth reviewing old photos.

  • Lark or Owl?

    - April 10, 2021 - 5 comments
    When younger I was an Owl. When teen or twenties always up late watching movies or when older it was when I got work done in that time from 10 till 2 am. Now I am a Lark, but a Lark with nowhere to fly to and nothing to sing about! I am longing for freedom and better weather (it's grim out there, high winds and rain battering the window ). I did the Oxford University SleepUK Census It agreed t…

  • Ipernity Club - members from around the world

    - February 13, 2021 - 5 comments
    This list of the numbers of Ipernity Club members from each country is interesting and should really be a selling point for Ipernity along with the list of languages supported. The list is only split EU and non-EU because it was created in an answer to the question of how many people would qualify to put themselves forward for senior positions in IMA which in relation to banking and constitution are France based and only EU citizens can take those posts. Members from 89 countries 264…

  • What I like about Ipernity.

    - December 23, 2020 - 5 comments
    Written March 15th 2019 --------------------------------- Ownership is Independent from big business Being run by people that care about the site and its future ( the users themselves) Funded by subscription Not funded by advertisers The site is simple but effective with added features for adding articles and documents. Most users are able to post in their own languages and translate seems to be accurate more often than not. Users who can afford to do so can donate money to help kee…

  • Ipernity Groups

    - December 21, 2020 - 4 comments
    Let's look at the Groups on Ipernity via Explore I joined Ipernity in 2013 and yesterday was the first time I clicked that link. I had no knowledge of the groups and that must be because I wasn't inspired to look for them. The Groups I have joined have been by invitation and I joined them to be polite and friendly ( It is a good enough reason I suggest). I have been 'promoted' to Admin of Groups and so far have done nothing about it. I have neither re…

  • Re-Programming Ipernity

    - December 10, 2020 - 21 comments
    Let’s fund the reprogramming and future proofing of Ipernity in 2021 If the cost is around 30,000 EUR and I say I will donate 100 EUR are there 290 other members who are able and willing to do the same ? The answer from previous attempts is probably No. If I say I will donate 1,000 EUR are there 29 other members who are able and willing to do the same ? I guess the answer may also be no. BUT what if a smaller number of people donate a larger amount e.g 3,000 EUR a…

  • A new start with Lightroom

    - October  1, 2020 - 4 comments
    October 1st 2020. I have made haphazard use of Adobe Lightroom for a few years now and today I have decided to start again. I have created a new Catalog and am going to start to create Collections and better use of tags and Maps.... as I type I realise I have uploaded files to Ipernity and have omitted that step so I will have to export some again with map locations. The random use of the Develop options to date means no consistent approach. The creation of preset options should speed…

  • Self Isolating

    - September 19, 2020 - 26 comments
    Yes it happened. Mum went back in hospital after blood test showed kidney under severe pressure from her heart medicine diuretics. I took a call from an anxious On-Call GP at 3:45 am saying she should be readmitted to hospital as an emergency to save her kidneys! One week on Mum still in hospital. She was about to be discharged greatly improved rehydrated, medicines changed, Consultant optimistic and assurance giving of continuing care but a swab test taken that day showed positive the n…

  • Mass Observation Diary 2020

    - May 13, 2020 - 1 comment
    Sorry I am a day late mentioning this but if you can remember your day yesterday 12th May 2020 You can write up your diary and send a copy for the record. I have done this for many years now and it always amazes me how much I can write. See: for details No, I'm not going to publish it here :-)

  • Looks like I'm 1 in about 100

    - December 29, 2019
    I just found my stats on Blipfoto. My most used Camera, Lens (Focal Length), Aperture and Shutter speed. 890Entries with Ricoh PENTAX K-3 Others using this make <1% 300mm most used focal length Others who use this <1% 8.0 most used aperture Others who use this <1% 1/500 most used shutter speed Others who use this 1.7% I'm not suprised.

  • Blade Runner is no longer in the future

    - November  1, 2019 - 2 comments
    A film I was obsessed with when it was released (1982) was set in the future November 2019. At the time it never crossed my mind that I would get past that date myself. Feeling a little older tonight. The film predicted many things correctly : see some in this BBC Technology section article Photography featured as a significant part of the plot with photo editing by voice command (zooming, cropping, enhancing lighting and focus points…

  • Philanthropy and Ipernity

    - May 26, 2019 - 9 comments
    Is it better to give the gift of an individual subscription to Ipernity than click the donate button? My first thought is yes but it’s for one person not the whole group of users. What about, for example gifting 10 subscriptions versus donating the same amount? Building up the number of users ( at least temporarily, they may not stay ) versus adding to the general funds for a future project that may eventually encourage more users to join and for the long term. In the short term I st…

  • I created a group

    - May 19, 2019 - 4 comments
    I’ve had never created a group before until today. I realised that many of my photographs are another attempt to capture a subject when there is a limited opportunity to get one. It’s hopefully better than last time, more in focus, better lit or just larger in the frame. The idea was triggered the moment I was taking a shot of a poppy in the garden. Each year they appear and disappear very quickly. BUT the more difficult shots are they ones I try every year. Capturing a Swallow or even…

  • Internet connection Down

    - April 25, 2019 - 2 comments
    The broadband connectivity in the area disappeared during a thunderstorm late afternoon. Not sure if it was due to lightning strike but seem possible. Anyway the result was a relaxing evening and a good night's sleep. Lesson learned.

  • Sight or Sound ?

    - April  8, 2019 - 9 comments
    It's an old question but one that is recurring thought for me. Which would be most difficult to survive without vision or hearing.? Assumption: You have been lucky enough to live to Adulthood with good vision and hearing. I would have to choose hearing? Why? If you can see you have options: Conversation - yes its possible to lipread or learn sign language. Reading ... you can read books. TV - there is often subtitles available BUT the answer for me is .... RADIO ! Yes I wou…

  • I went for a walk in the countryside

    - March 19, 2019 - 5 comments
    I left my camera at home. I think I saw more wildlife and took in more views and spoke longer to people I met. BUT I would still prefer to have the photographs :-)

  • who needs a new camera .

    - August 25, 2013 - 20 comments
    Closest close up of female Souther Hawker
    I am always thinking of buying a new camera but I keep taking photographs I am pleased with so I just delay and put it off again.