As I mentioned in a recent article, this year I've noticed an increase in the amount of talk around workplace productivity, engagement, and success. None if this talk makes much of a difference to me be, because I feel that they alway focus on all of the wrong things. What the corproate world considers as "success" rarely ever seems to be the things I would consider to be signs of success.

However, recently I came across this video, from Biola University, covering a talk given by Ken Blanchard on techniques on how to lead others, like Jesus did.

Of all of the videos I've seen about being a leader or a success at your job, this one has to be the most important and inspirational of them all. Ken really knows how to take what Jesus did, and how he taught his disciples, and apply it to our everyday lives - not just in the workplace.

Back in the early Eighties, Ken wrote a best selling book called, "The One Minute Manager". Later, sometime during the Nineties, Ken found Jesus and became a follower and began writing more about being a leader, but utilizing knowledge contained in the Bible.

This is a "must watch" video.