I haven't seen the movie yet, and if you don't want me to spoil any surprises for you, if you plan on seeing the new Indiana Jones movie, I suggest you don't read this post.

I read that in the new Indiana movie, the "magic" of the crystal sculls (the crux of the entire adventure) winds up to be due to advanced alien technology from another world.

I find it interesting that, in the other two Indiana Jones movies, the artifacts at the center of the adventures were spiritual in nature. That is, their powers were unexplained, apart from being the power of God, or otherwise mystical.

The same goes for other movies that George Lucas has been a part of... like the Star Wars saga.

In 1977, the power of the Force was never explained to be more than a mystical energy field created by all living things. In 2006, the Force was no longer mystical but biological, created by small creatures inside one's body.

But it's not just Lucas who has had this change of perspective. Our monster movies have seemed to have followed the same change in formula.

Vampires used to be creatures of the dammed. These days, vampirism (or what ever you'd call it) is no more than a disease, a condition that can be cured in some stories. It's no longer a curse, according to movies like Underworld.

Look at the stories from Stephen King. Many of those strange situations are a result of aliens from outer space, not spirits or ghosts, like they were earlier in human history.

I find it unfortunate that this seems to be the way most of the movies these days are going - or at least, that's the way it seems to me. I feel that they lose something when the mysteries can be explained. Even more so when the aliens, once again, are the ones to blame. I'd much rather have the story writer leave the explanation to the viewer's (or the reader's) own imagination.

Yes, I'm one of those people who believe Lucas should have left the wampa out of the scene in the snow cave. It was much more thrilling when all I could see was a blur... for the wampa in my mind's eye was much more menacing than what appeared in the "enhanced" version.

I imagine that, if The Lord of the Rings were written today, the "ring of power" would be nothing more than an alien mind control device - built from nano technology. Not very inspiring if you ask me.

I enjoy stories of the unexplained much more, because they give me something to take away with me and a chance to create my own explainations. Blaming aliens for everything is just too "cookie cutter" this day and age, in my opinion.