Warning: plot elements will be revealed, but since I hope you never watch this movie yourself, my post won't spoil anything for you.

As my blog title states, and to sum up, this movie really sucked. I think that most of Stephen King's movies suck; he may be able to write a novel, but as a screenwriter, he truly stinks.

However, I was surprised that the screenplay for The Mist was written by someone else - that being Frank Darabont. Of course, the screenplay was based on King's book. So I can only assume that the book really, REALLY sucked; because this movie sucked.

The acting was terrible. All of the characters were so stereotypical and did the stupidest things. I'm assuming the director was trying to make a point about how people reacted under pressure. But these people were acting so stupidly that, if people really acted like this if the situation was real, then they all deserved to die and I wouldn't have felt badly for them.

The entire story was so mellow-dramatic that it was really frustrating to watch. I had no empathy for any of these people. The bone-head decisions and actions were making me wish these people dead.. and the sooner the better, as far as I was concerned.

Here's a situation that came up a few times in the story:

Okay, these people are trapped in a grocery store (I guess a shopping mall was too obvious for King to use)... grocery store is so much more imaginative. A thick dark mist (again, let's not call it "fog" because that's been done before) blankets this little town. It's so thick that you cannot see more than a couple feet in front of you.

Now, a few of these bone-heads decide to head to a drug store (which is across the parking lot) because this is the only grocery store in America that does not have a pharmacy aisle. So, off they go into the fog... Oops, sorry, I mean the "mist".

Remember, the mist is so thick you cannot see more than two feet in front of you. Does anyone think to tie a string to the front doors of the grocery store to use as a guideline in case anyone gets disoriented? Nope. But, they bring flashlights. Flashlights! In a thick mist! What the hell will those do for you?

Oh, I forgot to mention, there are "monsters" in the mist. Creatures from another dimension that eat things, like people. And... wait for it.... it's discovered that they're attracted to lights. How they see the lights through the fo... mist, I did not discover. But lights make these beasts very hungry.

So, these morons are out in a parking lot, surrounded by thick mist, no way of knowing which direction they're facing, branding flashlights. Smart.

Okay, well, there's lots of stupid things like this happening in this movie. But the big bone-head move that really made me angry and felt ripped off by this piece of crap film was at the end.

Five of these geniuses make it to a vehicle and high-tail it out of the grocery store parking lot. One is the "hero" of the movie, his young son and three other people.

They drive, and drive, and drive until the vehicle runs out of gas (for some strange reason, this town has no gas stations). They're still surrounded by mist and it looks as though there's no end to it.

The hero has a revolver with only four bullets. He looks around at the people in the vehicle with him and silently, they decide to do themselves in.

What!? I mean, is that really necessary at this point? They are not being attacked by anything. No monsters are around. They're not starving or about to die from dehydration. They've been parked for five minutes and now think it's best to just end it all.

So, the hero shoots them all (including his own son) but, because he only had four bullets, he cannot turn the gun on himself. So, he decides to open up the door and head out into the mist and face his fate.

Well, not two minutes after he shoots everyone, we hear some rumbling and smashing, and out of the mist comes a big army tank. In tow, a bunch of army type soldiers armed with flame throwers, burning up all of the monster "goo" and clearing the mist.

Crisis is over and so is this piece of crap movie.

Talk about stupid. Stupid and pointless. Stephen King and Frank Darabont should have been in that vehicle and had his brains blown out by their own idiot character for writing this load of crap.

What a waste of time. This is why we don't go to the movies anymore. There's no way a story like this is worth a dime, let alone a ten dollar movie ticket.