A little while ago, I decided to check up on AgfaPhoto to see what new camera lines on which they may have been working; possibly to see if they had any new models of their Selecta brand. But, when I went to their website, I could not find any references to any digital cameras at all. I then went looking to see what RedDot Imaging (the North American distributor for AgfaPhoto) had to say, but their website wasn't even on-line anymore.

For some strange reason, the folks over at AgfaPhoto have decided to focus on digital photo frames and single use cameras. Do people actually still use disposable, single use cameras these days? Perhaps the European market is much different, but these choices seem odd for this day and age.

So, from all indications, it looked like the Selecta 16 I bought myself was the end of the line of this surprisingly good and affordable camera. At least, that's what I first thought might be the case.

With a little bit of Internet sleuthing, I soon discovered that there is, in deed, a successor to this camera - actually there's a couple of them. They're just no longer under the AgfaPhoto brand. It appears as though GE, and their General Imaging subsidiary, adopted the camera line. The line is now branded as the GE Power Pro series of cameras. From all indications, the cameras seem to be made by the same OEM as the now defunct AgfaPhoto camera line. Although, it doesn't look as though GE includes the accessories that AgfaPhoto did when they sold the camera line, including a camera bag and photo editing software from ArcSoft.

Even thought the company name has changed, I'm glad to see that this particular line of digital cameras are still in production and available - at least, I'm assuming so. I still think that they are a well built product and provide some good value for their price. Maybe GE can do more with the camera line than AgfaPhoto apparently did (or didn't do in this case).

If you're curious, you can find out more about the GE digital cameras here: www.general-imaging.com/us/default.aspx