I've seen this statement in many news articles over the last month. In this case, it was most recently mentioned in this article, at BBC news. It states, "comet Ison came from the Oort Cloud, a mysterious, icy region at the furthest reaches of our Solar System."

See how that is stated, as if it were a fact that comet Ison came from the Oort Cloud? The fact is, the Oort Cloud is a theoretical object (or place); there's no scientific proof that this cloud of comets exists. It's just a theory that seems to fit astronomer's "big bang" model of the universe. Yet, there's no indication in this article that this idea is just a theory. Instead, the article is stating it like it is a fact. It's also been stated as fact in dozens of other articles that I've read this week about comet Ison.

Unfortunately, in our society, say something enough times and people will believe you. Don't worry about things like facts, just assume that science is right and don't bother to question it. If you do, then you're delusional, right?

This is the same way "scientists" have gotten the majority of the population to believe in things like global warming and evolution. They have nothing to do with facts, but their theories seem to fit the bill. So, just state it as fact and go on with it. Say it enough times and people will believe it.

How can anyone trust such people? Modern day science is no more trustworthy than modern day politics, in my opinion.