My wife and I are having a blast with Nintendo's latest addition to the Wii gaming library, "MarioKark Wii".  Lots of colour, very animated and comical characters, entertaining tracks and environments, and the best control system ever designed for a racing video game.

Although we enjoyed playing Mario Kart 64, my wife always had difficulty controlling the racers using the standard control stick / button system of the old-style controllers.

However, with the use of the Wiimote, she (as well as I) finds it much easier to control the game play.  You wouldn't think the use of a plastic wheel, which you plunk the Wiimote into, would bring anything extra to the game, but it does.  I've tried playing MarioKart Wii both with and without using the bundled Wii wheel, but I have a much better driving experience when I'm using it.

The unfortunate thing is, the game only comes with one Wii wheel and there's two of us playing.  You can buy additonal Wii wheels seperately, but I cannot seem to find them anywhere in town.  Guess I'll have to order one on-line.

Even though I haven't been able to find another Wii wheel, I did happen to come across this today:

It's a travel case for the Wii console and accessories that looks like a bag for a bowling ball.  I thought it was kind of cool.  Even though I have no plans in carting around my Wii console, I thought it would be great for storing all of our Wii accessories in.

Anyway, another thing I found impressive about MarioKart Wii is the on-line gaming system.

It took less than a minute or two to get an on-line game going with nine other gamers from around the world.  And once the race got going, there was no lag, what-so-ever, in the racing experience.  Everything performed as if we (me and my wife) were playing against IA players... but they weren't.  These were nine other people, in the own living rooms, playing against us and it was really fast and fun.

It's also nice not having to pay extra for this service, as some other on-line gaming systems make you do.

I'm looking forward to racing my co-workers, once the other Wii owners at the office I work at pick up their own copies of MarioKart Wii.