Microsoft working on Wii-style Xbox 360 remote: Report

They failed with their "arcade" version of the XBox, trying to horn in on Nintendo's success with the "non-gamer". Now, they're copying the technology. Desperate, or what?

So, I take it both Sony and Microsoft have lost confidence in their own products. I mean, why else would the success of the Wii send both companies running for motion control in their systems... systems they've already developed and released to the market before the Wii.

What a bunch of hacks.

And now, here comes the BBC with an opportunity to stream video content to home consoles via their iPlayer application. They go to both Microsoft and Sony first, but they turn them away because the BBC refused to give up control of their software.

iPlayer on Wii, not XBox or PS3

Okay, I'm not in the UK so this news doesn't do anything for me.... at the moment. But there's a precedence being set here - and it's the fact that Nintendo are more than willing to work with you to develop new media/entertainment technology.

I'm sure other broadcasters will follow (I'm hoping the CBC or CTV).