When we first started watching the first few episodes of the new season, we kept our optimism - hoping that the oddities we were watching was just the show trying to get it's stride back. But, we're in to episode ten now, and it's only getting worse.

One of the things that made the show really fun to watch, at least for us, was how the characters interacted with one another. Unfortunately, this is not something that the new season has, from which to draw, as they've decided to go with the idea that each episode tells the story from the different points of view from each of the characters, themselves.

I can understand the purpose for this approach, financially, as you don't need to pay the entire staff for all seventeen episodes, just for the handful of them in which they appear. But when the show is successful because of the cast and how they play off one another, the show suffers when you break up the ensemble.

I commend Netflix for trying to revive "Arrested Development", as we really thought it was a clever show. But, unfortunately, they didn't do themselves any favors by trying to do it on "the cheap".

As I learned from the Star Wars franchise, nothing is ever as good as the original. And rather than trying to re-create it, it's best to just leave it and the fond memories where they are move on.