Okay, not those kind of flickers :) But it looks as though Flickr has forced another mass migration of their users (the first one being back in 2006 or 07 when they were bought by Yahoo!). I remember the first migration because I was part of it. And, like many of today's ex-Flickr users, I wound up on ipernity, too.

It's interesting how it almost seems as though ipernity was anticipating the arrival of new members, as they've also just recently did a major overhaul of the website - finally emerging out of "beta" mode. Thankfully, the recent changes to ipernity was a good thing; at least from my point of view. And so far, from what I've read, many of the new arrivals seem to like ipernity's interface. You can read about my opinion of these changes in earlier articles, which I wrote back in April.

When the new ipernity changes hit the website last month, there were many disgruntled members who took great offence to what had happened. Many of them decided to leave and, I think, some of them annonced that they were moving to Flickr.

With the new changes to Flickr, I wonder if we'll see any of them make their way back to ipernity. Maybe ipernity's decisions to modernize the website really weren't all that bad - do you think?

Oh well. Whether you're ex-Flickr users finding your way here for the first time, or if you're ex-ipernity-ex-Flickr users coming back to the fold, I'd like to welcome you to the group. I really hope you enjoy the ipernity experience and I look forward to seeing all the great content you have to share!