As I posted earlier, the only on-line social media/photo sharing service that I would consider moving to was But, as I continued to think about it, I've concluded that putting all my efforts into yet another photo sharing site, which I had no control over, would be silly and ultimately a wasted effort. I like 23hq a lot, but just like ipernity, it could be gone tomorrow.

The only logical conclusion I could come to was that, if I wanted to continue to share my photos (and blogging) with others and not have to worry about the service/platform being unexpectedly shut down on me a some point, I had to host the service myself. And this is exactly what I've done.

Of course, the major drawback of choosing this solution is losing the community, which sites like ipernity, 23hq, flickr, etc. offer. But, in order to maintain stability and not waste more of my time and effort, it's the only answer.

The upside is that the platform that I've chosen to share photos - that being the ZenPhoto platform - offers easy RSS feeds for visitors and a comments module. So, communication with my visitors (if any) would still be possible.

If you're curious, the "gallery", as I called it, can be found here:

I've discovered that creating and maintaining a private photo sharing platform like this isn't much more expensive than my yearly subscription to ipernity.

So, that's the conclusion and solution I've chosen to do. But, I'll keep posting to ipernity until shutdown (if it indeed happens). Thanks for visiting and for your comments! Here's hoping a solution for ipernity is found.