I'm not a professional photographer or anything, but I'm mighty impressed with this little camera. I've also never owned a Panasonic camera. Up until this point, we've stuck with Canon and Kodak models. But, with a Leica lens, I thought I couldn't go too far wrong.

Best of all, it works great with the EeePC. I just plugged it into one of the USB ports and BINGO, it was detected as a USB storage device and I could download my photos.

I haven't tried using RAW files yet, but I see that there is a plug-in for G.I.M.P. to import them. I'll have to try that sometime.

I also have to say that the FZ8 looks pretty nice next to the EeePC. They look very well suited for each other.

With the photo capabilities of the FZ8 and the mobility and functionality of the EeePC, this makes for one powerful mobile photo processing lab. The application you see running there, on the EeePC, is gThumb; a very competent photo manager for Linux.

My next challenge is to learn what I can do with the FZ8.

More photos one the way!