As for installing a new Linux distro. on my Eee PC, I don't think I'll be doing so any time soon.  I've tried booting up a few live CDs (via a new DVD drive and IDE to USB enclosure I bought), but it looks as though it would take some effort to get any of them configured properly on the Eee's hardware.  And, to be honest, the default OS is just fine for me.. most importantly, everything "just works".

I've added a couple Debian repositories to my Apt-get configuration and I've been able to add all the extra apps I need without a problem.  So, for any distro. fanboys reading this blog, I suggest that, if you're considering buying an Eee PC, you leave your distro hang-ups at the door and see the Eee PC for what it is.  You don't really need Ubuntu/Red Hat/Mandriva/Slackware/Gentoo installed to enjoy what the Eee has to offer.  I thought I did, but I've proven myself wrong.  It runs Linux and it runs Linux well.  That's what really matters.

A few things I've been doing with my Eee:
* Ripping DVDs (installed mencoder and acidrip)
* Ripping MP3s and OGGs (installed grip and lame)
* Burning CDs (installed XCDRoast)
* Creating/editing web pages (installed SeaMonkey and using it's WYSIWYG editor)
* Editing photos and images (installed GIMP)
* Playing a few games (like Abuse and Eternal Lands)