Time shifting was one of the main advertising features movie channel providers used to promote to potential customers, back in the '80s. Use your VCR to record movies that are shown during the times you are not around to watch T.V., then watch them later when ever you want.

Well, apparently, you can't do that anymore - not unless you pay for one of those digital recording devices, licensed by the cable providers. So, not only do you have to continue to pay more money each year for less content (and lower quality if you ask me), but now you have to pay even more for the privilege to watch the content you're already paying for when you want to watch it.

Two words: not me. I never accepted being told what to do by a corporation, especially when it comes to issues that deal with what I do in the privacy of my own home.

Thankfully, the Neuros OSD is an alternative that seems to be working really well. We have less than 30GB of space left on our 120GB hard drive - currently plugged in to it. I'm sure that will get filled up by the end of the weekend. We've been busy at converting a lot of our old VHS tapes over to the Neuros.

This week I went out and bought a 1TB drive. This should last us a little while and if storage on that starts to grow short, I guess I'll be looking at setting up a server.

I just love Open Source technology. :o)