July 2013

Vinilkosmo Newsletter # 37

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Dear reader, hello !

With the return of the sun, also a hot and unusual variety of new albums have flourished, on your demand for most, through Vinilkosmo's rather successful fundraising campaign!

Many new things to listen to, watch and read as styles and trends on the borderless music scene extend through the generations and growing audience. New sounds hovering over every horizon for both our pleasure and an increasing interest in the universal language.

Of course, FESTO, now a strongly anchored tradition, will be presented in August in Belgium this year, and it's high time to register at the address below if you wish to take part.

While wishing you a brilliant summer, be sure not to leave without our equally brilliant new featured albums that will undoudtebly make those long warm evenings among friends highly memorable.

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Vinilkosmo Latest Releases


VKKD 114 " Collection ĴomArtaĵoj - 'La arĝenta albumo' "
ĴomArtaĵoj-La arĝenta albumo

Following a first 'red' album ('La ruĝa albumo', VKKD94), here's the second part of the trilogy, 'ĴomArtaĵoj', silver this time, and accordingly named 'The arĝenta albumo'.

This collection, produced entirely by Ĵomart himself in his own 'JomArt's Studio' in Stockholm, crowns a substantial career shared with his partner Nataŝa from the very beginning. The inseparable duo, whose romance equals only the couples complicity with its faithful public, now offers us the essence of a journey nearly three decades old.

Far from being a mere compilation of old songs, Ĵomart proposes a set of titles that have become hard to find, adding all the artistic and technical experience aquired over the years, everything having been re-recorded between 2011 and 2012, and not to forget some new songs, precisely two in this album.

Whether it be to experiment the warm atmosphere of Ĵomart & Nataŝas concerts, reproduced as closely as possible in this series of albums, or to discover one of the essential sounds of Esperanto music, by all means, do not hesitate to get these unique albums .. and bets are open as to the color of the third album planned, and already in the making!

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VKKD 115 " La antaŭlasta trajno "
La antaŭlasta trajno - Mikaelo Bronŝtejn

After his first CD, Esperantujo mia, published in 2002 (VKKD55) and Printempo bluĵinsa, released in 2006 (VKKD83), at last,here's Mikaelo Bronŝtejn's third album, La antaŭlasta trajno.

Mikaelo is not an obsessive record producer, but nevertheless, one of the most prolific and dedicated Esperanto songwriters and composers. His tenderness and humor have seduced many other artists such as Helena Puhova or Ĵomart &
Nataŝa, for whom he wrote all the lyrics of their Amu min album, and many other gems.

This new album is the result of a vote, thirty new songs having been submitted to a group of friends, artists with very different tastes, and fifteen songs were selected in order of preference to be presented to the public.

Mikaelo's many friends also participated in the production as well as lended their talent. Sergeo Straŝnenko who not only found the best price for recording in a studio in Riga (Letonia), also accepted to add his guitar and voice to the
album. Garik Kokolija and Maksim Griŝin supported the release of the album, completed in October 2012, and Maksim also created the cover and layout of the album's booklet, and Mikaelo thanks them all !

The very complete booklet, in addition to the songs lyrics and short comments on each song, sometimes offers glossaries to clarify Mikaelo Bronŝtejn's rare and state of the art use of Esperanto.

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VKKD 116 " Signoj de viv' "
Signoj de viv' - i.d.c. (inicialoj dc)

Following "Urbano" in 2010 and an escape towards British pop with Jules Etienne in 2011 (-10 ° C), i.d.c. is back with
"Signoj de viv'" (Signs of Life), a second album entirely in Esperanto, inspired by modern melodic pop music.

As on previous albums, this is again a mixture of guitars and electronic sounds that form a soft and subtle lining for a variety of texts, with themes ranging from a headlong rush (La malpeza dormo) to loving moods (La grizeco), the loss of
another (Amiko sen vizagh'), and all the way to a quirky wink at the Esperanto movement (La fina venk ').

For who already knows i.d.c, we're still in the field of melancholic pop underlined with synthetic accents, and the meticulous production should satisfy existing fans as well as win new ones.

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VKKD 117 " Regestilo "
Album "Regestilo"  -  Jonny M

Since 2006, young and talented Jonny M has been producing reggae music in English and German. Jonny's founding belief in
"learning by doing" led him to assemble his own home studio, and finally getting his songs mixed by some well-known German reggae producers. After a few shows, the press began to show interest, and two compilations with some German artists followed. But that wasn't enough for Jonny M, who eventually learned Esperanto.

In 2011, a first EP in Esperanto, `Pli ol espero', spread wide, and Jonny gained recognition from the world-wide Esperanto audience, then setting off on an international tour performing in countries such as Japan and France.

After his contribution to the `Hiphopa Kompilo 2 `(VKKD106), Jonnys' popularity throughout the Esperanto scene matured, and his new CD, `Regestilo', was another great success! All this, along with his imagination, energy, enthusiasm, and love for music, will lead Jonny M to perform throughout the Esperantist world again during 2013.

A young German artist writing and signing reggae in Esperanto couldn't settle for less than an international team of musicians and arrangers, including artists from Italy and the USA.

These many influences combined seem to have set a new standard among the borderless sounds rising from the younger generation of the Esperanto community; and probably meant to inspire more for quite some time!

This CD is not only an important piece of work, but great music to dance by or just help brighten up a gloomy day - essential!

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See it on Youtube
Interviews Jonny M:

Video Clip "Dankon"

Video Clip "Eternan lumon"


VKKD 118 " Ĉiamen plu "
Ĉiamen plu - La Perdita Generacio la 3a albumo !

La Perdita Generacio is finally back after five years since their last album, 'Eksplodigos vian domon' (Will explode your house) (VKKD92) following 'Eksenlime' (Out of bounds) (VKKD89) released two years earlier.

This new album, 'Ĉiamen plu' (Forever more), continues the musical journey that made the group famous: pleasant melodies, playful and tender texts on important issues. With their first two albums and many concerts at youth meetings,
La Perdita Generacio gained a leading position on the Esperanto music scene. Songs like "La kosma aventuro" (The cosmic adventure), "Ĉiuj ni amegas Usonon" (We all adore the USA), "Malantaŭen" (Backwards), "Ne normalas, nur kutimas" (Not
normal, just usual), "Amokanto" (Love song), and many others, have become cult songs for young Esperantists.

Continuing their usual method, LPG offers several innovations in this album, including a rap song with guest Platano (ex-Pafklik), songs written by members of the group, Anna and Hendjo and the entire group as a community, while there
are still many songs written by Tomio, all having shaped the heart of LPG. Two notable cover songs are also to discover:
a famous anti-militarist song, "La dizertanto" (The deserter), by Boris Vian, and a curiosity by the no less curious Mullhippiar Neffsonsson, a Swedish artist, little known to the public, also called the Cosmic Bear, who claims that "All that is beautiful in the world must become plastic!" in his song "Plastokanto" (Plastic song).

Moments of traveling, adventure, struggles, friendship, sex, tears... images always lingering and touching, while the production quality and integrity of the group improves. The next to last track on the album, "Ĉu vi kontentas?" (Are you satisfied?), is probably the longest pop song in the history of music in Esperanto, and all we ask is, "Do you think as I that this week should never end?"

Well, don't wait five years for an answer!

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VKKD 119 " Mirindaĵo "
Mirindaĵo - Manuel

In the global family of Esperanto users, both Esperanto albums previously released by Manuel, Duonvoĉe... tutkore (VKKD104) et Ĉu plu ekzistas Amo? (VKKD112), received very positive feedback from the Esperanto press, and most importantly, the approval of the public during Manuel's shows in several European countries.

Radio and podcasts play songs from his albums, now known to most people interested in the international language.

All this has led Manuel to work on a new CD in hope that, again it will be able to convey his love for music and for Esperanto through pleasant and perfectly pronounced songs.

This CD contains covers of popular songs by many variety artists such as Kenny, D'Esposito, Toquinho, Velásquez, Modugno, Adamo, and "La fremdul'" (the wog) by Georges Moustaki.

The lyrics are simple, but not trivial for that, using natural means of expression for the majority of us, to talk about love, friendship, peace, and respect for our "home", planet Earth.

The artist dedicates this work to his beloved mother, who by her exemplary life oriented him toward values such as friendship, brotherhood within humanity, and the belief that life is a great gift.

Manuel would like to sincerely thank Mariana Evlogieva and Nicola Minnaja for their kind and competent proofreading contribution.

Ten instrumentals to sing along with are present on the album.

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After the publication of the first three albums by Patric, Jonny M and LPG chosen among many from the Vinilkosmo fundraising campaign launched in 2012, many projects are still underway and your wishes will continue to define the

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To gather attention fofr his coming album, Parisian rapper Platano (La Paflik) has been tuning his voice up on the net with a 5-track elease entitled "LS/000-005", available for free at his point on Platano's blog:


Many other projects by artists Amindaj, Ĵak le Puil, JoMo, Martin & la talpoj, Krio de Morto, Supernova, Kore and Dolchamar are also maturing and we will soon be telling you all about them!


FESTO 2013

FESTO 2013

Festo 2013 will be held this summer from August 10th to the 18th at:

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