Karaj geamikoj,

Mi volas rekomendi mian lernanton A.B. al alta Londona muziklernejo. Mi devas sendi mallongan anglan tekston, sed mi ne bone regas la anglan.

Ĉu vi povus helpi min korekti aŭ plibonigi tiun tekston?


A.B. has been my pupil for a long period of time.
I taught him the fundaments of musical language, when he was a young boy, and now he is pupil of my Harmony class.
This long period of time gives me a good perspective about his musical knowledge and skills.
I can assert that he has very good musical bases. His comprehension of the theoric aspects of music and the relation between them and the practical musical aspects is high leveled. His musical exercises and compositions show a talented student who understands how “the music works” in the tonal, formal, harmonical, melodical and ritmical aspects.
I my opinion, he succesfully could fulfil advanced training for the musical profession.