Well where do I start? I have so much to say about me till it will take days to read this so I will start with who I am.

You know my name and I am very tall and I am often asked my height which is 6ft 8in and yes I wear heels! As a woman things about me are a bit different from how I act, talk and of course how I dress I have found by accident a few years ago that as a woman I would be considered what I can only define as a hetoerosexual woman, there I said it! It was a outing I don't ever think I can forget and to this date I often wonder about how this guy is doing! I was at my favorite store at the time and had been shopping there for a while and this guy would often wait on me and one day he just poured it on and all it took was talking about my small purse I was carriing that day! Now lets back up a bit, he started working on me on August 27, 2008 (see picture) which 2008 was the year I decided to reinvent myself as a woman which the goal was to become more like a woman when out and which later the goal became to be as feminine as possible without having surgery but that will come later in this story. So what is so funny is he was so flirty with me and I knew he was flirting and I did not give in so as time went on I still would go and shop and he would be there till his final day when he caught me with my guard down!

When my gurad was down it was like a wave of emotions just shot through me and they where waves I noticed what they where but they where for me in a feminnine version of extreme attraction to the point where I had the "Ally McBeal" momnet where she would flash into what she was thinking about doing at that moment! For me it was "If you don't shut up and ask me out I am going to reach accroos that counter and kiss you like you never been kissed before!!!!" That is how I was feeling and I can remember some of the conversation but it was him actually to me letting me know he was interested in me but he did not make the first move and I would have at that moment told him yes! I was tought that a man is to initate the relationship and woman if interested will accept and movethings forward. I was tought that a woman does not take the first move. Ironically I was raised with both male and female expectations.

However while in woman mode I thought about him for weeks till it faded away and I will say yes I have had crushes since then and they come in waves. I found out by accident I as a woman like guys! As a guy I like women! I later found out I was not alone in this. Like I said in guy mode I have no attraction to guys and if a guy ask me out or even attempts to make moves he will get told off severly!! As a woman I find women and the female imgae great for friends however nothing of attraction for me.

Now yes I have been kissed by a man before and no it was not attraction nor was I at this level I am at then and much higher today as you can see in the photo I look very different today than I did back then and to be honest I don't know what he was thinking about me other than asking what did my "Husband" do for a living! I visited for 5 minutes and I did not feel comfortable so after a kiss and a photo I got out of there and he walked me outside holding my hands which was the first and only time a man has held my hands however he wanted more and knew it was not going to happen with me. He did not even walk me to the car or make sure I was OK ! He asked me out again maybe in a more public place and back then I was a night only person so scared of the public till I would shake in my heels!

So your wondering where does that leave my overall sexual orientation? A quick and easy answer for this is 100% heterosexual! As a man I do not want or desire to be with another man and as a woman I have learned to control my emotions.

All in all for me this happened becuase of a drive to become more feminine and as a result I built a set of emotions that are allowed to be on while as a woman and at times they have gotten out of control. It was in 2008 when I began to accept myself 100% as who I am and it was 2012 I said "I am going to be the most feminine woman I can be without hormones" In that year I blossumed like I have never did before and I have a level thing I do and I can tell you I jumped about 3 levels and one was by accident!

This is another event I will never forget on December 28, 2011 when I first shopped at the kroger I currently shop at; I was walking out and a man was next to me and he said the one most powerful pronoun that I needed at themt moment and in his statement he said "Stay close to Jesus Sister!" here I was a person who felt low about who I was and felt I would never here the pronouns I so wanted to hear and this one man changed my direction and activated the woman in me. I began to set goals and move from late night/early morning to being out during the day. I began building my wardrobe and in 2012 took a mac makeup lesson and learned how to apply my make up the correct way! I took even more pride in being a woman and expanded my look from dark colors to lighter even in my nails I changed how I did them. Ibegan to take pride in how I present myself to the world and making sure everything was in place. I wanted to be presentable and respected 100% as a woman! I started working with different looks for all situations. Casual to business! in 2013 I hope to get formal :)

So whats next on this journey for me? Well now I have dealt with attractions I am working on taking in some events where I can be a woman. I have learned how to communicate n the same level now as any other woman and I can rant with all of them as I have had experiances dealing with men and trying not to harm their egos! I attend church now often as a woman so I am getting more comfortable as a woman now. I also in public only refer to myself as a woman now I am a proud trans-woman however not everyone will accept that pride!

I know I am ready for the next level on this road and I look forward to what it may hold. I hope to share here as I can so thank you for reading this section and I will try to write articles more than posting photos. You never know what I may write about :)

So have fun,
be safe and
Enjoy Life