Once the chemo is over, I'll start five years' of a hormone repressant to stop the estrogen and progesterone my body naturally produces. It is these hormones that fuel my breast cancer.

I read everything you lovely friends write to me, but the various meds I'm on to control nausea, pain and anxiety, make me very tired and I sleep a lot because of them.

I bought a calendar notebook to keep track of all of my appointments. Right now, they are running between four and five a week. I just bring my appointment book in and say, see what you can fit in on the days that are available!

Everyone is very kind - I have to say that the cancer caregivers are universally the most loving and caring people you will ever meet - not just to me, but to family as well.

All my love to every one of you. You give me so much strength - you can't imagine how much it helps me.

With much love always,