Now for the icky part -- I have to have 30 rounds of radiation in the area where the tumor was removed. Dr. Gunn was unable to get clean margins, so there is bits of cancer still there. Honest to God, he did his very best to be able to work in such a cramped area. As I mentioned before, he accidently nicked that artery while peeling away that tumor and I lost three units of blood. I did get transfusions when I got out of surgery, so it's all cool.

Once the radiation is done (every day for six weeks - except weekends), I will begin a grueling course of chemo, using stronger drug cocktails than I had the first time I had cancer in 2007. I have to have an echocardiogram on May 6 to see if my heart can handle to chemo drugs. I am also going to get a port. I'm going to loose my hair which is a bummer because I've been growing it back since 2007. I think I will ask the hair dresser to braid as much of it as she can and cut it off in one chunk so I can save it. In addition to loosing my hair, I will have strange things that will happen to my fingernails. Apparently they loosen up and "spoon" up rather than lay down like they are supposed to. I am to have eight chemo treatment, two weeks apart. There is a lot of other side effects with chemo, but I won't go into them.

I know that food smells and tastes terrible during that time.dd