I am in physical therapy to regain the mobility I used to have. So far, they say I am doing extremely well. (I'm motivated because I want my right arm back to what it was so I can continue my artwork. I have come to realize that my ability to have my arms working properly and to have my eyesight is the most important part of my personal physical abilities. They are what make me who I am and I'm fighting to keep those two functions.)

I have lymphedema in my right arm and it is noticeable when you compare it to my left arm. Once the physical therapy phases out, I will be having therapy to bring the right arm down to a more normal size. This will be done by special massages and I believe specialized wrapping of the arm with Ace bandages from shoulder to the hand. When the arm is more normal in size, I will be fitted for my lymphedema sleeve - a specially made sleeve that is customized for my arm. I will also be given another sleeve that I get to wear while sleeping.