A lot has happened since I last posted. Stress levels started climbing and acid reflux became diarrhea after dinner on March 3rd. This went on through the night and by early morning, I was vomiting again. I asked John to call an ambulance and four hours later, I was admitted to Athens Regional, where I spent two nights. This hospital is really wonderful. They were extremely kind and gentle. I met with many social workers and doctors who were intent on building me back up with fluids and medications to treat all of my symptoms, including anxiety and the inability to sleep.

I saw the surgeon on 3/10, the palliative care nurse on 3/11, the social worker on 3/12 and today, went to the surgeon's office to fill out paperwork and take it to the hospital for a pre-op exam for my double mastectomy scheduled on 3/20. I won't know the exact time of my surgery until the day before. I will be spending one or two nights in the hospital.

My daughter is coming to stay for about a week or so on 3/21 and will help care for me. I see the oncologist on 3/28 to find out what my cancer treatments will consist of.

My social security disability was approved a few days ago. John attempted to request three or four weeks leave of absence, but they denied him, so he resigned. We will be managing on his social security retirement and my social security disability to get by. If we don't get too crazy, it should be enough to live on.

That's about it for now. I'm trying to wrap my mind around the idea of a new body image. I'm not having reconstruction. I don't have to ever worry about what's going on inside my chest ever again!