Today, I received the prized centerpiece of my story. My intent was to finish the UFO story today, but I was derailed. I hope to regain some composure and complete my story tomorrow.

I had my appointment with Dr. Huang this morning. On the way there, John received a phone call from his work which necessitated him dropping me off at the doctor's office and going back to work to resolve the latest catastrophe. I was to call John when I was done.

The visit seemed pretty routine. Check in. Fill out the form on the clipboard. Wait to be called. Once called, they weigh you, take your temperature, check oxygen, check blood pressure. My oxygen level was low and so was my bp. Get deposited in exam room and wait a long time for the doctor to show up. Things went down hill from there.

My MRI brain scan was fine. Brain is still there!

Then she talked about the bone scan. Something is irregular on one of my left ribs. Another suspicious area is in the lumbar spine. She was not happy that CT Scans were not done. I pointed out to her that her office was closed due to an inch of snow on the ground. She said it is my responsibility to call to reschedule tests. I maintained that I am the patient and why is it always up to me to follow up with everything. After all, the office did not notify me it was going to be closed. The office let me down, the office should fix it. She said it was a joint responsibility. Since the CT scans were not done, they cannot stage my cancer. Since there might be cancer in my bones, she says she wants a PET scan done instead. Also have to have another MRI of lumbar area and sacrum. She was adamant that these tests cannot wait. I said tell that to Medicaid. They want me to wait two weeks for approval.

If my breast cancer has spread, there will be no mastectomies. I'll have to have chemo and hormone therapy instead. It was pretty hard to follow her because I was crying a lot. John was stuck at work and knew none of this.

This is a new breast cancer, not a recurrence. It is still hormone receptive. She maintains that it was not there in September. Whatever ... it's there now.

I have an appointment on 2/11 in the afternoon to meet with Paige Campbell, the social worker. She might be able to get Medicaid to put a rush on things. John and intend to see about getting rid of Dr. Huang in favor of a doctor I can relate to. On 2/14, I see Karen Williams. She is the nurse that handles palliative care. On 2/21, I am to have the PET scan and MRI Lumbar scan. On 2/24, there is a tentative appointment with Huang to work up a game plan. I'm hoping I'll be working up a game plan with a better doctor.

I think that's about it for now. It's going to take time to sort this all out in my head. My family is reeling and so am I. I am hoping that I'll be sufficiently together to finish my UFO story. It has a happy ending and a happy beginning ...