Elizabeth Conway at the Athens Breast Cancer Center paved the way for me between Monday and Tuesday to easily apply for Women's Health Medicaid and I was approved yesterday. This will cover all my medical expenses, including prescriptions, for all health issues while I'm going through cancer treatments. This is a huge relief.

We got to apply the Medicaid today when we (we being my husband, John and I) saw the oncologist again. This time, she was far more attentive now that she has some real work to do. She doesn't know exactly what kind of breast cancer it is or whether this is a new primary cancer or a recurrance of the previous breast cancer. Those results are not in yet. The tumor they found via biopsy is 2 cm. No idea of what stage it is, so I have to have another brain MRI, full body bone scan, pelvic and abdominal CT scans which will be done on 1/29. I see my new surgeon for the first time on 1/27.

On 2/3 we meet again with the oncologist to compare notes and hopefully draw up a game plan. She also has a primary care physician waiting for my medical records and once received, will call me for my first appointment.

I asked her for pain medication and she actually wrote me a prescription without a fight. When I saw her last September, she kept telling me to wait, wait, wait until the test results were in. Those results did not show cancer, yet I was still not convinced that was true. Sometimes, you have to really listen to your body and then make the doctors listen to you.

That's about it for now. I'll write again when I have something more to share.