I've gotten no answers from the neurology doctors and staff. They've checked everything they can think of and cannot find the source of my peripheral neuropathy, vision problems and such. I have been given a medication for breakthrough pain and another to "tamp down" the burning, numbness, pain, electric shocks, muscle spasms and muscle spascisity. Finally, it has started to work and I graduated from walker to cane again.

I didn't want to do it, but I went to what I thought was going to be my third routine breast ultrasound check on the changes in skin on my breast where I had had cancer in 2007. The day before the test, I had a thought, I'll ask them if they would be able to see any abnormalities if they imaged the area where all this burning and stuff started - on the back of my upper right arm and under my arm pit. I did ask and they said they would do it, and that if there was something to see, they would find it.

They found a mass and did a ultrasound guided biopsy right then. Today I got the results. I have cancer again. They found a 2 cm tumor in the same breast. I see the oncologist Wednesday. After that, things are going to start moving very fast. I know I'll be referred to a surgeon. Beyond that, all I know is that I cannot have radiation on that side again.

I will try to post from time to time and I will probably visit you daily, even if I don't post any of my things for awhile.

There is one thing that I wish to announce only because there are unscrupulous shop owners on the internet who sell unauthorized patterns from doll artists, claiming they have acquired the remaining stock from an artist who is sick/dead/out of business, etc.

I have an Etsy shop that I closed temporarily in October. It's still there, I'm just on vacation mode. There is only one other place that is authorized to sell my patterns and tutorials; that is Dollmaker's Journey. I do not carry stocks of my patterns and tutorials. I make them as orders come in. There is no inventory anywhere except for the bit that Dollmaker's Journey has. If you see anyone selling my patterns or tutorials, it is unauthorized, and therefore, fakes. Please do not buy from these unscrupulous people. They are stealing from legitimate artists and authorized distributors. When in doubt, please check it out!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I will try and keep you posted as best I can.

Much love,