I want to thank all of you who wrote to me on the last post. I cannot adequately express how much you helped me to get through this last week and Friday's tests. We were there for six and a half hours. I drank more berry flavored barium than should be allowed by law. I was injected with several different "glow-in-the-dark" substances and had a lot of blood drawn. After the mammogram, they also squeaked in an ultrasound which detected a thickening of the skin on the breast that had the cancer, chemo and radiation. I'm not surprised - it's been through a lot! They want to do another ultrasound October 7th. The discoloration did go away, so I have no more reminders staring at me in the mirror!

The oncologist informed us that I have small "spots" that are probably nothing in my left kidney and in the lower part of my lungs. I'm really not worried about these. There are no signs of cancer!!! For some inexplicable reason, this doctor wants me to come back in a month to begin "cancer maintenance". I have an appointment, but I may very well cancel it. I have to see their social worker on Wednesday, and depending what they have to say in regards to financial help on these bills, I may very well cancel the other appointment and the October ultrasound.

I have been referred to a neurologist and have an appointment that was set up for me for Friday. The guy is not going to be available, but his assistant is. They asked me if I still wanted to go or wait, and I said, only if the visit is worth the $225 you are charging me for it. So, I'm going to make a nice list of symptoms for them, to make sure they have it all down and test accordingly. Everything they've tested me for could have also been used to find other issues, but as the oncologist said, "Oh, well I was only looking for cancer." The woman has two medical degrees and can't think beyond what is in front of her face. (I have issues with this doctor, that I will not bore you with. Let's just say I tore her a new one when I saw her this second time and John said she deserved it.)