Some of you may recall the ups and downs my husband and I have had this year, including a lot of weird health symptoms I've been having. About two weeks ago, on top of pains, dizziness, nausea and vision problems, I developed a large discoloration over my right breast, plus lymph node swelling. It was changing daily and I could no longer dismiss it as anything other than what I was afraid it might be.

I called my primary care doctor last Thursday. I was told to go to urgent care facility the next day. Last Friday, John took me to St. Mary's ER. Blood work and a CT scan ruled out infection, blood clots and lung problems. I was then referred to a medical oncologist, who we saw today. We left with two more appointments and a bunch of testing that I have to have done. Lucky me, all tests are scheduled for Friday,the 13th of September. Full body bone scan, brain MRI, abdominal CT scan, pelvic CT Scan, mammogram and a lot more blood work. I'm in a lot of pain, can't be out if bed for more than 20-30 minutes. I don't want to eat, and when I do, food tastes metallic or otherwise off. I sleep a lot. Things don't look too promising at the moment; however, the doctor has promised John she will fix me.

In the meantime, for now and the future:

The Room Box Gang got two dinosaurs, a tiger, a squid, a shark and a crocodile to battle. (Hint: Omri retains his hero status.). The Nutphone will get a good workout filming events.

There's supposed to be a rock concert scheduled for New Years Eve. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band will perform. Omri MC's the event, the Screaming Mimis get to be groupies and live up to their name. Patchouli has agreed to hold the event in her room box. Baby Sandra Mae will make her official debut at midnight.

MacGyver twins, Gwyn and Gin take on Cap'n Cup Hook (Omri the Pirate) and his crew for a sailing race to end all sailing races.

Philip and Trudy decide to live in a squirrel blind with Evie and The Velveteen Rabbit. Rosie and Millie are looking for the perfect piece of real estate in the fairy ring on the side of our building in Athens Land.

The Sisters Hitty host bigger and better tea parties.

Milly and Carrie Jane build a bigger, better room box WITH a hot tub.

Shy Violet and Emily Rose keep me company with Tori Beth.

Jill and Marie act as messengers, shuttling info back and forth between my bedroom, Cubeicle Corners Apartments, iPernity and the PDP Forum. Messages and the latest news is always welcome!

Love to all,