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  • one of those days...

    - 7 years ago - 2 comments
    last week had the flu, but i had to go shopping, try to get a nice apple cake for my birthday. so i went and bought one and it was tastless and soggy... in the mean time my flu got worse and i couldn´t go out for a better one.. so saturday night i tried my hand on an apple upside down, looked for a simple recipe and started. that didn´t go well, while the cake was in the oven the house went completely dark: short circuit.. after i helped that and turned on the oven i waited for an hour…

  • leaving flickr groups

    - July  9, 2013 - 11 comments
    This whole leaving flickr groups is much harder than i thought, especially the ones that i started myself.. I can choose between simply leaving and let a group rot away, or removing the members and photo´s and then delete it completely, or find new admins. that last one is the hardest but it has to be done.. pfff..

  • tell you what..

    - June 23, 2013
    hi guys, tell you what, i miss my groups, the groups that kept my brain going, the 30 days, one object group, the 365 days groups, the groups that kept my creativity flowing, day after day.. so i started another group, and hope you all, whoever you are, will come along for 30 days, or 30 times 30 days.. pff... let´s go! :-) love, victorie

  • this morning..

    - May 21, 2013 - 1 comment
    last night, about 11pm i opened flickr and thought what the heck? did i click something i shouldn´t have? then bit by bit it dawned - flickr had done it again.. so i started to find out how it worked and made the NO! pics and read all i could find and by the time i went to bed the birds had started their morning song... this morning i woke up, thinking, there was something - remembered, cried a bit.. and that´s what i did all day, cry a bit and a bit more.. went to my ipernity site..