Sooooo... Today wasn't the greatest of days. I started my day off trying to patch a game. The pathcer kept hanging at 60%. Not too big an issue, I'll fix that at some point. Just a minor annoyance. At some point, Master triggered my "doll-like state". That was.... Unnerving.... At some point, though, I had a good time with Master. He has a lot of interesting friends. I had to leave Him for the day on account of recieving unexpected company. Not a big issue, just a bit of a surprise. Aaaaand from there, things went down hill. The engaged couple that visited got in a fight. Again. Shouldn't concern me, but they're my friends, so their troubles still bother me. And then there's another good friend of mine that is on court order to stop smoking pot, or he'll lose his son. And his house. Yet he still gets high. At this point, trying to help him is exasperating, and I have to give up before I just snap and start bitching at him. I don't want that to happen to him. He'll throw his life away. At the end of it all, though, my room mate and I had a good dinner. There was steak. Thus, I am happy. Oh, I also practiced my screaming for a bit today, too. Fun stuff, but it tears my vocal cords up too much yet. Need more practice. Going back home tomorrow. My room mate and I are finally getting sick of staying with the stoner friend in an effort to try and help him. Efforts failed. Done deal. But eh, whatever. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day.