Well, first off, I have no idea if I'm even using this right, but this is to be the first entry, an introduction of sorts, to a diary that I will be writing in before I go to bed every night. I am a transgendered individual, mtf and still very early in that journey, by the alias of Vexxeren Irkaryinn. This diary is a sort of chronicle of my time spent with Master Helevater. I am His submissive. I went on trial with Him on this date of April 11th, 2013. Currently, I just serve Him online, in addition to writing in this diary every night and the small essays that will also be entries for punishments issued fourth by Him. I also have a few permissions that I must recieve from Him, one of which being asking permission to leave His presence, and the second being asking permission to "touch myself if I ever find myself excited." He is my Master, and I am His girl. Trial is estimated to last around a month.