To break with my usual habit of posting kind of "incoherent" pictures - a "problem" I will address in another post - I just uploaded a package of 51 "themed" shots from a Sunday's walk in a public park on the outskirts of Berlin - the "Britzer Garden".

They also sort of break with my usual "style" of geometric and technical motives since they are all of a very natural quality - in a literal sense. :)

I do hope that this massive bombardment does not result in annoyance or disinterest.
So consider this a "test" of your power of concentration. ;)

I might also reorder the pictures in the respective album contrary to the date-ordered state in the photostream to create some sort of dramaturgy.

Hopefully you will like some of the shots and maybe they are able to convey a sort of spring fever.

P.S.: If you feel like tagging some of the pictures, I'd be glad for the help :)
P.P.S.: Thank you, Josie!!