Recently I was surprised to find a notification in my Ipernity Mailbox saying I had been granted administrative privileges for one of the groups I was a member of.
Weird. Even weirder it was a group I wasn't really that active in.

Still wondering about this I was surprised again by my mailbox. I found half a dozen messages informing me about new members to that specific group.
I deleted them for reasons of rather low level of importance to me only to find another few after doing so.

I decided to check what responsibilities arose from the administrator position.

I realised that I could turn off such notifications but generally I didn't feel like being an administrator for that specific group at all.
So I went looking for how to de-administrate myself.
First thing I found was that apart from me the group had like 30 more administrators. Surprising.
I assume most of them must have been as surprised as myself when they got to know about their new position.

The problem is: anyone with administrative privileges in a group seems to be able to promote any member to be an administrator as well - without the consent of that specific person.

The next problem is: you cannot renounce your status as administrator - at least as far as I found. Please correct me if I am wrong here.
The only way to get rid of that position I found was to quit the group (while keeping my documents in it) and then rejoin it as a regular member. The administrator status does not seem to remain through that process.

I therefore urgently ask the Ipernity Team to overhaul the Group Administration function to at least include the following:

  • need for a group member to ratify his promotion to an administrator
  • option to dismiss one's administrator status - for my sake only if there is another administrator available

Otherwise joining a group could easily lead to a responsibility you did not choose.

Considering the recent departure of members here at Ipernity and the mentioning of group administration as (at least) a collateral damage I think this may be considered urgent.