Obviously you are now deemed a "terrorist suspect" in the UK if you go about and take photos of, hm... say... CCTV cameras - because terrorists do so. Says the police.

Too bad for the police that they can't arrest you for doing so. Too bad that they can't even keep track of everyone snapshooting away at the myriads of CCTV cameras. So it is of course up to you as a good citizen to help them out:

If you see someone doing that, we [the police] need to know.

Therefore, dear reader, I need to ask you to point me out to your local police station, tell them not only about my "anti-social behaviour" but also about me being a potential threat to liberty.
Give them this link as proof of my potential terrorist activities.
After all the credo is:

If you suspect it, report it!

And stay vigilant and keep an eye out especially here in this community for more "terrorist photographers".

Thank God not everybody is as paranoid and gullible as those responsible for this campaign seem to hope.
Quite a few people have already taken the "(anti-)terror posters" and redesigned them.
Boing Boing has a collection.