OK, another quick idea to extend some of Ipernity's features.
[dear IP Team, please don't be annoyed! :)]

I'd love to be able to also see the "Popular View" feature, which at the moment is present in singular member's docs section, in Groups as well.

Right now you can have a look at the overview of a group including a dozen or so recent pictures as well as discussion topics and a description of the group.
You can also "view all" docs/posts - and that's it.

IMO it would be great if you could also choose to see the "Popular" items, i. e. the

  • Most appreciated
  • Most commented
  • Most visited

docs or posts.

I am aware of the cumulative effect of using such a feature, i. e. popular items become even more popular while (statistically) less popular ones don't gain in attention.
Still I often would be interested in the most favorited item of a group etc.

Again: simple thoughts open for discussion.