Right now all you can do is search for photos with "simple" words that you can define to be either "Plain text" or "Tags". That's about it.

I would be extremely grateful if the search functionality would be extended to include the following options:

  • Size: sometimes you might only want to find pictures that are bigger than the size of your desktop icons, e. g. for printing them.
  • Date: you might only want to have a look at pictures from recent winter or even a particular day, e. g. as to create an "album" like "Worldwide impressions of the 07.07.2007"
  • License: I'd say this is almost the most important search parameter for me as I am a advocate of the Creative Commons Initiative. IMO it would also be of great value to a community so people within can easily look for pictures they can "mash up", e. g. for games, competitions, etc.
    On a sidenote, Creative Commons does advertise Flickr for the possibility of searching for CC-licensed work. I would really love to point people searching for pictures to Ipernity instead of Flickr.
    (I just realized that members are trying to compensate for the lack of search options for CC-licensed work by means of the group feature. They have set up a Creative Commons group for (among others) the following reason:
    As long as ipernity has no cc-search this group may help to find cc-licenced pictures for blogging etc.

Here is a plain text mockup of how the advanced search interface might look:

Search for docs
  ( )All  (*)Photos  ( )Audios  ( )Videos  ( )Other
[Everyone's docs [v]] [__________________________________] [Search]
                     ( ) Plain text  (*) Tags

[x] Size
(*)Width  ( )Height
( )>= 600 px      ( )>=1200 px
( )>=1800 px      (*)>=2400 px
( )>=3000 px      ( )>=3600 px

[ ] Date
Photos [taken [v]] ( )before (*)after [__/__/____]
       |posted   |                    [dd/mm/YYYY]

[x] License
All Rights Reserved       ( )
Some Rights Reserved [CC] (*)   [ ] use for commercial purposes
                                [x] modify, adapt, or build upon

All the necessary data to perform these searches is already there, mostly stored in the Exif, some is already used, e. g. in the "Archive" section where your pictures are grouped by Creation and Upload date.

This is just a quick sketch of my idea but I have been thinking about it for a while and wanted to post it now.
So expect this post to possibly being edited.

As always I am very grateful for any hints, ideas, criticism etc., so please feel free to comment.