My - let's call it high school - class had a reunion yesterday, 40 years anniversary. As you have already gathered, I didn't join them. I was invited, and also invited to a Facebook group in which they planned it, told who would (not) be there, etc, and now one of them has posted photos from the party. I managed to identify 5 with a possible 6th, and one only because he couldn't be any other of the "boys".

We were 23 students, 8 boys and 15 girls. I chose to study Latin and Greek, and in those classes, we were six, four boys and two girls including me. I remember those five. They were my friends, we did a lot of things together outside school as well, and one stayed a close friend through all our years at university and some more. Now we're FB and mail friends. The six of us also have our own group on FB, and I've grown quite close to the girl again. Another appears to be just as I remember him. One has had a rather sad life, but he still seems to be the caring friend he was 40 years ago. No. six seems changed, but he hasn't participated so much - he didn't come to the reunion either.
I would really, really like to meet them again - all six of us together and nobody else. Preferably where one of them now lives, i.e. in Sevilla. OK, some place "down" there. Not in Denmark, please.

There was one more boy who was my close friend and with whom I stayed in touch for some years after we graduated from high school. We refound each other on FB 3-4 years ago, and seeing him again would be a joy, but not at a class reunion. He may be feeling similar to me about such things since he didn't join. Neither did a second boy I liked.

I remember the other boys - well, there are two left that aren't covered above - but not so well. The 13 girls - meh! All right, one I remember reasonably well from back then, but I don't recognize her on the pics. If I really twist my own arm, I'll admit that I can attach a little personality to three more names. That leaves nine, right. My year book says there were a Hanne and a Lisbeth and a Gitte and so on; they are all one or rather none to me. I simply don't remember anything about their personalities, voices, behaviour, what have you. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. You could point out Susanne B. and tell me she were Gitte, and I wouldn't know you were lying after I had spoken with her for half an hour.
As for recognizing them - our then form teacher was at the party, and some of those women look as if they could be his mother (he's 11-12 years older than they). Quite sad to see.
OK, I twisted my arm again. One had very beautiful red hair, one was religious, and one was pretty stupid - I mean, not a good student; I don't remember if she was nice or not. As far as I know, I didn't have any enemies, none I strongly disliked, at least. Judging from my absent memories, I didn't notice the girls very much, so maybe some hated me, lol.

In short: if I had gone to the reunion, it would have been downright embarrassing. I would have been sitting there with perhaps 18 people of whom I remembered one third, and they'd all - that's where it would become embarrassing - expect me to remember each of them. Geez, I wouldn't even recall all the names unless I'd studied the year book industriously in advance.

I enjoyed school - loved some subjects, liked most, hated phys.ed. - but to me, it was to a very large degree a period that was over and done with when I graduated. I left with a firm decision never to return as a teacher, although most people in my line of studies became high school teachers. Spending time with teenagers was fine when I was a teenager; I had no wish to repeat the experience. Neither have I ever had any wish to visit my old school again, as I understand my former classmates did yesterday. I had/have nothing to do there, certainly not now when there can't be a single teacher left whom I knew.

As for class reunions in general, I've always said I wouldn't go, or I've said it since some of my later friends began to have their 25th or 30th anniversaries. (My class hasn't had any earlier ones.) My feelings about them are that they are rather pathetic. Middle-aged people with little in common and nothing to talk about except a remote past getting together to remind each other how much fun they had when they were young. It'd end up with half of them weeping into their wine glasses, as likely as not, and/or laughing hectically at jokes and experiences that are simply not funny unless you're below 20.

Well, they say in the FB group that they had a great time. I hope for their sake it's true. I suppose those who got together relate to those distant three years of their life differently from how I do. That time must have meant more to them, probably especially on the social level. I would also assume that they felt, both now and then, more as members of a group - more belonging together, perhaps. To me, the majority of my classmates were at the time not much more than people who happened to be at the same place at the same time as I. I picked some as friends and didn't think much about the rest. It's the classes - the teaching - I remember best, not the recesses.

"It was long ago and far away
the world was younger than today"

Yes, very long and very far. It was in another country, an entirely different world, and the wench is old and has grown in another direction than her former mates. Or I was never one for going back to what is past and can't be repeated.

They are planning another reunion in 5 years. I don't think I'll be there.