To the new upgraded took-a-lot-of-work-and-thinking Ipernity! Slightly more boring to look at than a Facebook profile, some extra clicks to see your contacts' new posts, and a real brain-wringer if you want to find comments to posts you've commented on (it's called 'history' - brilliant, isn't it? So logical).

Customization of home page: gone! You can have a banner like on FB, except that here it has a title line smeared across it - too lovely for words. All the rest is white, grey, black, and a dash of blue, and that's how it stays. You can move the boxes around, though, but you can't get rid of that ridiculous "Latest photos" box which doesn't show your latest photos, but those you've looked at recently.

The guestbook is turned upside down.

Oh, and if you want to write a blog, there's no longer a convenient link on top of the page. You have to click "Articles" which takes you to your blog page, and there is a 'new article' link.

Yes, I have told them. All of the above. With diverse expressions of disgust.

There may be some improvements in photo display; I haven't had time to check. The privacy settings - who can download which size etc. - are perhaps a little better.