Like a lot of people, I found Flickr's interface changes to be appalling, yet predictable. Yahoo isn't really interested in retaining us as users, or even as customers. Their purchase and inevitable repackaging of Flickr is merely a form of conspicuous competition with the Facebooks and Googles they are trying to keep up with. Put more simply, they are just showing off among their crowd. What you and I think about it, or even do about it (like, leave!) is beside the point. When 1% of the population controls 95% of the wealth, all that matters to them is what the rest of the 1% think. Yahoo's redesign of Flickr is capitalist theater (and no doubt, Tumblr will soon follow). It's the equivalent of the uncoolest family on the block putting a garish new addition onto their McMansion, hoping to look relevant. It has nothing to do with you and me, except for the extra little dollop of misery and inconvenience it adds to our photography lives.

I heard about IPernity as a place where Flickr users were going. I didn't have a big social presence on Flickr but needed a place to stash my photos in case I needed to show them to my friends and family. I came to this website, looked and liked, but I'm not kidding myself that this is more than just a pleasant place to stash my photos. I don't expect to see or be seen. The days where you could see and be seen on the Internet are long gone. (The "article" feature is a plus, though...) If this website somehow turns evil, that's it - I'm not going to be searching for a replacement. The photos will just get deleted and will live on my hard drive until the hard drive gets replaced and the data all goes to its Final Deletion.

Where on earth did we get the idea that Big Data is our friend?