I've reposted my set of Syracuse University's Carnegie Library, which is -- or rather was -- the best mad scientist library in central New York. Carnegie has been undergoing upgrades for several years, and sadly, some of the spaces shown in these pictures are gone forever.

I'm not against modernization, and frankly many of the books in Carnegie are likely way out of date scientifically and do not belong in a library. But it's been sad to occasionally visit, looking for a quiet spot to stash myself for an hour as of old, and see how everything is being turned into small enclosed seminar rooms and places for people to socialize. I question whether true learning can be accomplished without at least a little alone time - and the places where we can be alone with books. (Why must we always be together, together, together?)

The last time I was at Carnegie - likely, the final time - it occurred to me that future generations not too long from now will never know what it was like to stroll at leisure through towering stacks of books, with the accumulated knowledge of centuries of great minds all around you. I think we're really losing something important.