The good news

My wife and I looked at a house to rent on Tuesday (17th June) afternoon and loved it.

The lounge room by itself is as big as the current lounge/dining room. The dining room is open space right off the kitchen and it is big enough to fit our 8 seat table that is currently in the garage.

There is a little nook that the computers will fit in quite nicely. The fourth bedroom will have the spare TV and the Nintendo Wii setup so that we can watch movies and the kids play games.

There is a decent back yard with a shed that we can put our mower in and lock. The garage has a remote and doesn't have a door to the house, so when I leave it open, like I do, people can't get into the house. It opens to the covered area out the back so even if it is raining we don't get wet.

We decided to put an application in on the Wednesday morning, we heard back from the real estate that we were approved just after lunch. We get the keys Monday (23rd) and move in the Friday (27th).

The bad news

A dear friend of ours, Casey, has cancer, he found out just before Christmas last year. He has been undergoing Chemo treatment but yesterday he went into hospital, his organs are shutting down and he is only expected to last 1-2 days.

His kids have come to say good bye from as far away as Perth. Every time the phone rings we are thinking, is this it? We got a call from friend that knows him this afternoon, my wife saw who was calling on her mobile, got tears in her eyes and couldn't answer it.

It looks like we will be attending a funeral while we are either packing or unpacking. I am just glad that I am home on holidays because Casey is a great bloke and a good friend, my wife has known him since the start of high school, he is the father of a school friend of hers. His daughter moved away but we kept in contact and are good friends.

There are heap of us that all gather every year on boxing day, one year it was very hot and Casey was stirring Chris, like normal, so she got a bucket of ice and tipped it over his head. He just sat there took another sip of his beer and said 'Ah that's better, I'm cooler now'.

She is going to be devastated and we will all miss his VERY loud laughter. The first thing anyone that knows him would say is that he laughs very loud and often... he will be sorely missed.